Revoice20 Talks

Revoice20 Talks

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Talks and testimonies from the Revoice20 Conference. Choose categories from the drop down menu below (Seasons = Categories).

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Revoice20 Talks
  • Pastors Track: John Haralson \ Overcoming Homophobia as a Pastor

    Episode 1

    John Haralson, a pastor in Seattle, WA, shares his story of facing and dealing with his own homophobia as he saw that it was a hindrance to his ability to minister. With grace and humilty, John encourages fellow pastors to examine their own hearts and face their own homophobia before they attempt...

  • Pastors Track: Pieter Valk \ Pastoral Response to Side A Theology

    Episode 2

    Pieter Valk, Executive Director of Equip, shares ways to effectively share Side B theology and respond to Side A theology.

  • Pastors Track: Bekah Mason \ What I Wish My Church Had Known

    Episode 3

    In this session, Bekah talks about growing up as a sexual minority in the conservative American church, and shares the stories and wisdom from others who did the same. Speaking from person experience, they share the things they wish their churches had known about ministering to them as youth.

  • Pastors Track: Jill Rennick \ How Did We Get Here?

    Episode 4

    Jill Rennick, Exectutive Director of The Grace Place and a Revoice Advisory Council member, gives an overview of the history of ministry in and alongside churches to gay/SSA Christians.