Revoice20 Talks

Revoice20 Talks

8 Seasons

Talks and testimonies from the Revoice20 Conference. Choose categories from the drop down menu below (Seasons = Categories).

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Revoice20 Talks
  • Teaching: Bekah Mason \ Suffering and the Weight of Glory

    Episode 1

    How do we face suffering with an eternal perspective? Bekah shares from 2 Corinthians 4 how we are to both carry the heaviness of timely suffering we experience in this life while also keeping our eyes focused on the eternal weight of glory that is ours in Christ.

  • Teaching: Dawn Jones \ John 4

    Episode 2

    Teaching from John 4, Dawn Jones challenges us to minister with grace and truth in a broken world.

  • Teaching: Greg Johnson \ Galatians 1

    Episode 3

    Greg Johnson, lead pastor at Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCA) in St. Louis, MO, encourages us to remember the grace of God in which we walk as his beloved children.

  • Teaching: Wesley Hill \ Reclaiming the Term Purity

    Episode 4

    Dr. Wesley Hill shares a beautiful word from 1 Thessalonians 4 regarding the meaning of the word purity, and the grace and love that can and should be found in it when we understand our position as pure before God.