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Revoice21 Talks
  • Session 4 \ Greg Piken: Uniquely Gifted for Mission

    Episode 1

    Greg is equal parts pastor and therapist. He pastors at Journey of Faith, a non-denominational church in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, CA. He has served on staff there since January 2005 in a variety of roles and is currently the Executive Director/ Pastor of Community Life overseeing the te...

  • Session 4 \ Rafy Amador: The Wounds that Bring Healing

    Episode 2

    Many of us have been deeply wounded by our experiences in marginality in ways that relate to our ethnicity, race, sexuality, and even socio-economic status. In this session I hope to apply Henri Nouwen's concept of woundedness being a source of healing to others who are deeply broken as part of o...

  • Session 4 \ Greg Johnson: Still Time to Care

    Episode 3

    At the start of the gay rights movement in 1969, C.S. Lewis, Billy Graham, Francis Schaeffer and John Stott modeled a positive pastoral approach toward gay people, who needed care more than cure.

    But with the birth and rise of the ex-gay movement, the focus shifted from care to cure, diminishing...

  • Session 4 \ Dan Chappell: What the Marginalized Teach Us...

    Episode 4

    Christian leadership is in crisis and in the midst of disruption, offering us an opportunity to reframe the practice. Christian leaders of the future will come both from where they have so often, but also from places the church has too often overlooked.

    Dan Chappell serves on the Community Leade...

  • Session 4 \ Bill Henson: A New Church History

    Episode 5

    Bill Henson is the founder of Lead Them Home, creator of Posture Shift, and author of Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones. Bill trains national, regional and local ministry teams across America to extend Christ to LGBT+ persons within a biblical framework. Bill guest lectures at Gordon College a...