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Revoice21 Talks
  • Session 1 \ Luke Calvin: Powerlessness

    Episode 1

    Powerlessness is one of the most frightening and isolating experiences humans can have. And sexual minorities are subject to this experience more than most. The grief of unmet and unchanging desires; the rejection or mistreatment we experience when we tell others about our sexuality; and the disa...

  • Session 1 \ Gregg Webb: Holding the Tension, Living Faithfully Even When We Fail

    Episode 2

    Gregg Webb is originally from St. Louis but has called Chicago home for the last five years. He has co-lead support groups for sexual minorities and occasionally speaks and teaches on the subject. He holds a Masters Degree in Counseling from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, MO and a bachelors in f...

  • Session 1 \ Misty Irons: The Church and the Gay Christian - A View from the Pew

    Episode 3

    Misty Irons is a graduate of Westminster Seminary California (M.A., Biblical Studies) and a member of the Presbyterian Church in America. She has maintained a blog on faith and sexuality since 2000. Over the years Misty has served the LGBT Christian community in various capacities, as conference ...

  • Session 1 \ Preston Sprinkle: Faith, Sexuality & Gender

    Episode 4

    Preston Sprinkle (PhD) is the president of The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender and a New York Times bestselling author who's written a dozen books, including People to be Loved, an award-winning book on faith and homosexuality. He also hosts the popular podcast Theology in the Raw. Presto...

  • Session 1 \ Ray Low: Ministering to the Majority as a Minority

    Episode 5

    What does it mean for sexual minorities and heterosexual majorities to be family with one another in the church? Is it just about tolerating each other, or can there be a mutual and life giving relationship between the two? And could God be moving towards a vision of lifting up the minority to th...