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Revoice21 Talks
  • Session 2 \ Pieter Valk: Discerning and Embracing Celibacy

    Episode 1

    Why do many gay Christians committed to a traditional sexual ethic experience their celibacy as involuntary? What are the challenges of involuntary celibacy? With compassion and patience for self, how can we learn to embrace and thrive in our celibacy?

    Pieter Valk is a licensed professional coun...

  • Session 2 \ Greg Coles: The Stability of Scandalous Adoration

    Episode 2

    What does it mean to adore Jesus in a world that sees our adoration as scandalous? Taking our cues from a few of the Bible's most notorious worshippers, we'll celebrate together the stabilizing power of worship—a power no one can take from us.

    Gregory Coles is the author of Single, Gay, Christia...

  • Session 2 \ Liz & Aaron Munson: Queer Orientation Marriage

    Episode 3

    A queer orientation marriage is not meant for all Side B Christians, nor should it be. But it may be an option for some, and Aaron & Liz have been making their queer orientation marriage work for over 15 years. A critical aspect of staying healthy as a couple and as individuals is cultivating rel...

  • Session 2 \ Elizabeth Delgado Black: Growing Together Toward Sexual Maturity

    Episode 4

    As people of Christ, we have been called to grow in our faith and identity as Believers. The growth should take place in all areas in our lives, from our hearts to our actions. So, it begs the question: "What does sexual maturity look like?" As sexual minorities, how can we grow beyond the elemen...